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Journal Articles

Anstead, N., & Jensen, M.  2013. “Psephological
Investigations: Tweets, Votes, and Unknown Unknowns in the Republican
Nomination Process “.  Policy and Internet 5: 23-44.

Ampofo, L., Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B. 
2011.  “Trust, Confidence, Credibility: Citizen Responses on Twitter
to Opinion Polls During the 2010 UK General Election.”  Information,
communication and society 14: 850-71.

Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B.  2011. 
“The Emerging Viewertariat and BBC Question Time: Television Debate and
Real-Time Commenting Online.”  International Journal of
Press-Politics 16: 440-62.

Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B.  2011. “Twenty20
as Media Event.”  Sport in Society 14: 1340-57.

Anstead, N.  2008.  “The Internet and
Campaign Finance in the US and the UK: An Institutional Comparison.” 
Journal of Information Technology & Politics 5: 285-302.

Anstead, N., & Chadwick, A.  2008.  “The
2008 Digital Campaign in the United States: The Real Lessons for British Parties.” 
Renewal: Journal of Labour Politics 16: 86-98.

Book chapters

Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B.  Forthcoming. 
“1936 and All That: Can Semantic Polling Dissolve the Myth of Two
Traditions of Public Opinion Research?”  In Analyzing Social Media Data and Web Networks: New Methods for Political
, eds.  R. K. Gibson, M. Cantijoch & S. Ward. 
Basingstoke, England: Palgrave Macmillan.

Anstead, N., & Chadwick, A.  2008. “Parties,
Election Campaigning, and the Internet: Toward a Comparative Institutional
Approach.” In The Handbook of
Internet Politics
.  London / New York: Routledge.  Pp. 56-71.

Policy publications

Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B.  2012. 
“Semantic Polling : The Ethics of Online Public Opinion.”  London:
London School of Economics Media Policy Project.

Straw, W., & Anstead, N.  2011.  “Four
Big Ideas to Refound Labour.”  London.

Anstead, N., & Straw, W. (eds).  2009. The Change We Need : What Britain Can Learn
from Obama’s Victory
. London: The Fabian Society.

Straw, W., & Anstead, N.  2008. Modern Campaigning: Evidence from America
and Lessons for the UK
. London: Fabian Society.  

Selected recent conference

Anstead, N.  2013.  “Political Communication
in the Age of Austerity.” Paper presented at the European Consortium of
Political Research General Meeting, Bordeaux, France, September.

Anstead, N.  2013.  “Communicating Policy
through News : Mediatizing the Manifesto?” Paper presented at the American
Political Science Review Annual General Meeting Political Communication
Pre-Conference, University of Illinois, Chicago 28 September.

Anstead, N.  2013.  “The Strange Case of Nick
Clegg and the Mediatized Manifesto.” Paper presented at the Political
Studies Association Annual General Meeting, Swansea, UK, April.

Anstead, N, & Jensen, M.  2012. 
“Campaigning across Time and Space.” Paper presented at the Politics,
Policy, Internet 2012: Big Data, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, September.

Anstead, N., & Jensen, M.  2011. 
“Campaigning across Space and Time.” Reykjavik, September.

Anstead, N., & O’Loughlin, B.  2011. 
“Semantic Polling and the 2010 UK General Election.” Reykjavik,

Anstead, N., & Bacon, M.  2010.  “A
Deweyan Manifesto for Online Deliberative Democracy.” Washington DC, September.

PhD thesis

Anstead, Nick.  “A Comparative Study of Factors
Influencing the Adoption and Impact of E-Campaigning in the United States and
the United Kingdom [Revised Version].” Royal Holloway, University of
London, 2009.