wood shake roof with old shingles

How To Fix Roof Shingles That Have Fallen Off

Following a heavy storm, homeowners should always do a quick check on their roof to make sure that the shingles stay solid and unhinged. In case of finding damage, homeowners should be aware of how to fix roof shingles that have slides off. It is a fairly easy procedure.

If you realize that any shingles are lost after a heavy storm, don’t put it off.

They have to be fixed immediately or the roof region has to be shielded to stop water from ruining the back-up roof layer and leakage in its interior.

How To Fix Roof Shingles That Have Fallen Off

The simplest method to fix blown-off shingles is to replace them one by one or a group of them.
The ruined shingles can be taken off and new ones can be installed in their spot. However, these spots may be apparent as climate settings can fade out the shade of older shingles.

Your Essential Tool Kit:

The essential tools you have to collect to fix fallen or damaged roof shingles include:

  • Nail puller, hammer, or pry bar
  • Fitted shingles (one pack is enough for minor fixes)
  • Galvanized roof nails
  • Ladder

How To Replace Shingles Step By Step

Step No. 1: 
Taking the pry bar, take off the ruined shingles and old nails that may still exist in the roof. If the shingle is completely lost, take off any accumulated debris or left nails. In most cases, there are four nail types: two of these holding the lost shingle and two supporting the one over it, penetrating the shingle beneath it. Take these off as a quick fix and you can settle the new shingle in its place. Avoid adding a new shingle onto old nails as this may cause a puncture.

Step No.2: 
Attach a new shingle beneath the one over it, paying special attention not to ruin or misplace the current shingles. You may have to take off the shingle nails or the shingler on top to set-up a new safe installation. Switch the old shingle and nail into place and make sure to switch the nails in the shingle on top.

How Do Roof Shingles Fall Apart Initially?

There are two separate ways by which the shingles are added to a roof: sticky strips and roof nails.

Roof Nails:

Typically, roof nails have sharp edges, short bodies, and broad compact heads that let them enter through the shingle without damaging it.

Sticky strips:

Some shingles are made of sticky strips added to the bottom which, when installed, generate a solid waterproof layer to the shingle underneath.

brown wood shingle that is broken in the middle

Reasons A Roof Shingle May Fall Apart

Poor installation.

If the installation is faulty, nails may be positioned too high above the shingle instead between the nailing strip, making the shingle fall apart under heavy environmental settings.

Roof impairment.

If the supporting roof structure beneath the shingles is ruined or outworn, the shingles will not attach properly and let humidity or wind collect beneath them. Decay and mold can also make nails slide off and weaken the shingle.

Curing Time Is Not Enough.

When sticky shields are applied, they require some time to set themselves in order to work at their peak, which is typically 4 to 6 weeks, depending on weather conditions. A shingle that has just been applied might not be given enough time to cure itself.

Age span.

Roofs have an average life span between 10-15 years. As shingles get older and go through years of exposure to weather elements, their material and seals loosen up.