An image of a construction site where a new house is beeing build and roofers are working on the roof.

A Starter Guide To Roofing Estimates

If you are seriously considering having your roof fixed or fully replaced, the first thing you need to do is to get an estimate/quote for the overall project. In general, a roof quote breaks down the tasks the professionals will perform and the total cost. In the present report, we will examine the entire roofing quote process so you get the best deal for your roofing project.

Do I Need to Get A Quote?

That is a pretty common question as most people can’t tell if they really need a quote or not. Briefly put, the answer is YES. Above everything, your quote serves as an agreement that breaks down the work that should be carried out and the cost of it.
If worst-case scenario, your project isn’t finished as expected or a discreditable contractor tries to milk you for more cash, your printed quote serves as proof in legal lawsuits.

What A Roofing Quote Should Include?

A proper quote will feature all the tasks to be performed, with optional pictures that illustrate the former condition of your roof. This should come with a total estimate of the costs, categorized by work, materials needed, and any other additional elements e.g. a skip.

In some situations, roofers will give you several quotes for different tasks. For instance, if your roof has leakage because of fallen tiles, they may give you one quote to switch the tiles and a second one for a total roof replacement, which would be a more lasting fix.

How Many Quotes Are Needed?

The general rule of “three quotes” is a common practice in the home improvements sector. The philosophy of getting three quotes is to offer you a good estimate of the labor costs and pinpoint any quotes that are especially low or high.

While this is a handy general rule, note that quotes can vary depending on the labor that is carried out. A higher quote usually implies a more solid and detailed job which stops the need for future repairs so make sure you consider what the quote covers in detail instead of simply comparing the total cost.

Who Should I Ask For A Quote?

You may be tempted to receive a quote from a “man and a van” service, especially if you are having several quotes anyhow. Often, these handymen will be able to reach you faster and give you a cheaper quote. However, they hardly ever do a solid job and you won’t be able to reach them if things turn sour.

Whether you are getting a single quote or more, the best suggestion is to only request quotes from a established and reputable roofing contractor. This will put a stop to unrealistically cheap quotes from dishonest roofers who simply manipulate the quoting procedure.